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Garden Art and Plant Pots | Johanna Mosaics

Garden Art and Plant Pots

This actually has many colors. No two flowers are alike, so that you can rotate it and enjoy them all!    



Mosaics are a natural for the garden!  I have been making paving stones, gazing globes, plant pots and “Garden Cookies” for some time now to the delight of my neighbors and clients.  My gazing globes are made from “dead” bowling balls so that no mere wind will knock them off their stand.  The pavers are not for stepping on, but for décor in the garden.  The “Garden Cookies” are little, reclaimed bits of grout and mosaic material that add joy, sparkle, color and smiles in your garden beds.  Here are some examples of what I’ve been working on.  Others are available on request or commission.