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Pot Heads | Johanna Mosaics

Pot Heads

I live in the amazing little town of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Yellow Springs is an historically liberal, diverse, creative community not far from the more staid and traditional Dayton, Ohio in southwest Ohio. We are the home of the newly reincarnated Antioch College and historically a welcoming haven for many African American families who were not so welcome elsewhere. In general, we are unique in that our differences are cause for sharing and enjoyment, not suspicion and hatred.

As with many communities known to be open, liberal places, Yellow Springs has a reputation for being a big recreational (and illegal) drug center. In fact, from my experience, it’s no more of a druggy unencumbered place for drugs than any other place, but I can‘t tell you how many people, from workmen in my house to people I’ve met at synagogue, that “everyone“ in Yellow Springs is a druggy.

In fact, most adults I know don’t do drugs. My husband and I don’t even drink! We even use grape juice for Shabbat and holiday Kiddush. Everyone is welcome at our house but if you want wine, you have to bring your own.

So, inspired by this discrepancy of reputation and reality, I began a series of mosaics celebrating what we do have a lot of in Yellow Springs–ethnic, religious and economic diversity.
My mosaics are caricatures of people I know or have seen in our community created on the backs of pots and pans–thus, Pot Heads.

I hope you enjoy my Pot (and pan) Heads. Maybe you’ll see yourself or someone you know!